We have a wide range of Internet connectivity solutions available, ranging from simple broadband to leased lines and everything in between. We can deliver complex multi site networks and take care of security and firewalls. All solutions can be delivered as a fully managed service to give you complete peace of mind.

  • Broadband & Fibre
    Broadband is generally the cheapest option for a connection to the Internet, but there are lots of different broadband technologies available. Which ones are available to your business will depend on the capabilities of the local telephone exchange. We offer a full range of broadband packages and services to ensure that we can provide your business with the Internet connection you need.

  • EFM
    Ethernet First Mile or EFM, is a step up from Broadband that can deliver superior speeds for both downloads and uploads. The service is delivered via pairs of copper wires, so in the unlikely event of a failure of a wire, then your Internet connection remains intact, meaning any services your business relies on from your Internet connection will not be affected. We offer a range of various different EFM options designed to deliver the speeds, quality and performance you demand for your business.

  • Leased Lines
    Leased lines, sometimes called private circuits or data lines, are dedicated links, usually fibre, between 2 sites. Customers benefit from high upload and download speeds, and additionally, because it is a dedicated link it is only used to carry your own company’s data. Leased lines come with guaranteed up time and strong SLA's (service level agreements) so that you know you will get the performance your business requires.

  • MPLS
    MPLS or Multi-Protocol Label Switching is what we use in multi- site environments to connect all of your locations. Sites can easily be added or removed to ensure that however your business changes and grows that you will always have secure links between your sites